Postgraduate programmes

  • 1. Masters of Business Administration in Corporate Management (18 months)

    Host: Department of Business Administration

    At the end of this programme students will be able to:

    Select and apply management theories for practical decision making;

    • Effectively and efficiently identify, analysis deploy and develop organizational resources;

    • Demonstrate analytical, planning, implementation and control competences in all functional areas of business;

    • Demonstrate effective communication and negotiation skills;

    • Demonstrate competence in identifying major national, regional and global developments relevant to businesses; and

    • Demonstrate ability to apply theory in their quest to solve strategic company problems.

    Core Courses: Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Finance for Managers, Strategic Business Management, Operations Management, International Business Management, Organization Behavior & HRM, Business Research Methods, Corporate Law & Governance, Dissertation.

    Electives Courses: Theories of Entrepreneurship and small Business Management Information Technology Management.


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