Diploma programmes

 1. Diploma in Law (24 months)

Host: Department of Law

This is a two-year programme, four semester programme lasting 17 weeks each semester. The programme requires candidates to successfully complete 47 credit points including field work which has to take place between the two years. The programme aims at equipping students with fundamentals of various fields of the law in order to prepare them for middle level positions as judicial officers, administrative officers and legal officers who are well prepared to cope with the socio-economic changes in their country.

Core Courses: Legal Methods, Legal Systems & Constitutions, Civil Procedure II, Office Management LAW, Law of Evidence I & II, Management Skills and Practice, Labor Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedures, Administrative Law, Land Law, Law of Contract, Civil Procedure I, Law of Torts I & II, Communication Skills, Introduction to Perspective, Family Law.

Elective Courses: Corporate Law, Customary & Islamic Law, Law of Succession & Trusts, Criminology & Penology, Commercial Law, Micro-Computer Application.


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