Certificate programmes

1.Certificate of Accountancy (12 months)

Host: Department of Business Studies

This is a one year certificate programme in accountancy for junior officials who work in finance departments of commercial and public sectors. The training framework of the programme is designed to provide a broad understanding of the day to day routines and procedures of finance and accounting in commercial and public sectors in a dynamic environment. More specifically, the programme will improve performance of junior staff in accounts departments.

Core Courses: Book-Keeping and Accounting, Accounts Basic Financial and Auditing, Elements of Business Mathematics & Statistics, Basic Cost Accounting, Public Sector Accounting and Financial Procedures, Elements of Taxation and Economics, Business Communication, Commercial Knowledge and Materials Management, General Principles of Management, Micro Computer Application.


2. Certificate of Human Resource Management

Host: Department of Administrative Studies

This is a one-year certificate course in human resource management for officers at lower levels in organizational hierarchies in both public and private sectors. The program runs for two (2) semesters of seventeen (17) weeks each. The program introduces students to principles, functions, and practices of human resource management. Also, it builds their capacity and orients them to key issues and techniques of managing people in work organizations.

Core Courses: Elements of Accounting and Financial Management, Organizational Behavior, Elementary Mathematics and Statistics, Introduction to Customer Service Management, Supervisory Skills and Leadership Skills, Office Procedures and Records Management, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Training and Development, Communication Skills in Management, Labor Law and Labor Relations.


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